Student, Germany

The last time I took the bus it was very empty so I decided to grab the first seat near me to sit down. At the next stop a few more people got on. An old Chinese man being one of them. He was standing in front of me, evidently trying to sit down. The issue here was that he didn’t acknowledge my presence as he was about to sit down and so he proceeded to actually sit on my legs… I thought after the first few moments he would realise that he was sitting on something that was not a chair, but apparently, I must really resemble one because he wasn’t phased and didn’t move at all. I was too embarrassed to say anything so simply accepted my fate as a newly found seat and let the old man sit on me until he eventually got off the bus. Till this day I just cannot believe that actually happened to me.


Student, China

Once I was sat on the bus just observing everyone as normal and I noticed and elderly woman get on at the next stop. As she got on, she went to stand next to a young boy, of course I thought nothing of it as that is a normal thing to do. It wasn’t until I noticed her bump her backside onto this young boy, clearly on purpose as the bus was near enough empty. I was so confused and simply felt embarrassed for her because we all witnessed this incident.


Student, Germany

Last summer I went to a football game for my hometown club. All the fans took the train to the stadium. One guy who is also a friend of mine had to go to the toilet, but the train was so full that he couldn’t go to the toilet. So he decided to do his business on the floor in the train. The smell travelled throughout the carriage and it smelled incredibly bad. This then led everyone to change carriages, which then meant that there was now enough room to head to the toilet.


Intern, Czech Republic

One time I was sitting on the subway waiting for the metro and I then saw a child pooping on the floor. I was so scared. After he was finished they just took it to the paper and threw it in to the trash.


Student, France

There was a time I took a bus at 5am after a party. Because I was the only passenger, the bus driver started to talk to me which is OK, but then he began to give me compliments, which I was now very uncomfortable with. When my stop approached, I hastily stumbled out of the bus and noticed that he also got off and began to follow me. My first reflex was actually to take my heels off and throw them at him. I then started to run as fast as I could, even running past my house, running with no aim or direction. Eventually, I reached a dead-end of a street near enough to my house but far enough that I was confident I had lost the man. At that point I decided to turn back and go home- where I saw no bus, no man and funnily enough, no high heels…he took my shoes!