Unlike Sichuan dishes, which have been dominating the Chinese food market for a long time, Shandong cuisine remains underrated and left out of the spotlight. AJ Wang, a Qingdao local, also known as the owner of the fabulous hostel YHA Old Observatory and Sunset Cafe, is attempting to change this.

Shawn Tren’s is a newly opened restaurant in the old town near the railway station. The art-deco approach to the cosy décor, creates a soothing aura and allows guests to feel relaxed as they enjoy the simple Shandong dishes. Strongly recommended is the dry-braised Lumpfish, so tender it melts in your mouth, instantly tantalising your taste buds with its rare and rich flavour. The Shandong-style noodle dishes are also a must. Furthermore, there are also other dishes and drinks on the menu, ranging from BBQ, to seafood to some traditional local snacks. Be prepared for a gourmet journey at Shawn Tren’s!

Address: 216 Zhongshan Lu 中山路216 号
Phone: 186 6394-2253