Qingdao prides itself on its beer and seafood, domestically and abroad. However, finding a decent place to try the most authentic local food is a challenge. To begin with, the street food tastes good but the hygiene is very poor. Furthermore, a 5-star hotel provides extremely nice food, but it is too expensive for the average person. You are probably thinking, there must be an alternative that caters or all. There is. It’s Mingjia ( 铭家).

As one of the most famous and successful catering services in Qingdao, Mingjia has been serving and satisfying customers for many years. It has now developed into a nationwide chain brand, known for its pursuit of high food quality and exclusive service.

The owner of Mingjia himself is a chef, so he applies all his expert knowledge in cooking to the dishes that he makes. There is no public dining area but many private rooms for diners to enjoy a nice meal without being disturbed. Mingjia features their seafood ranging from fish, shellfish to shrimps and crabs- in various ways of cooking, both traditional and innovative. The presentation of the dishes is outstanding, which leaves one satisfied at first sight.

Mingjia serves as a perfect location for both a business dinner and for personal affairs. One thing to remember is that Mingjia goes by reservation only, so do not forget to book your table a day or more in advance.

Address: 1-1 Maidao Lu 麦岛路1-1
Phone: 8587-9007