Former restaurant owner turned stay-at-home grandma, Hui Wai Ning, shares some of her favourite home-cooked recipes with you. Easy to make, healthy, and full of love; these recipes will warm the hearts and bellies of every Qingdao family.

Ingredients (serves 2 people):
1. 250 gr. Pak Choi
2. a handful of fresh Chinese
3. 2-3 p. spiced beans, 2 slices of
ginger, 2 garlic cloves
4. 200 gr. tofu

1. Cut the Chinese mushrooms and tofu into finger-thick slices.

2. Wash the Pak Choi and cut into pieces.

3. Heat the wok on a high flame, fry the Chinese mushrooms until they become soft, then add a spoon of olive oil and soy sauce (make sure to turn the flame off before adding the soy sauce ).

4. Place the tofu in the wok, reheat and stir fry for a few seconds before removing from the flame

5. Remove the tofu and mushrooms from the wok and put to the side.

6. Reheat the wok with a few drops of oil, add the ginger and a pinch of sea salt (on high heat), place the Pak Choi in the wok and stir fry a few seconds before readding the Chinese mushrooms and tofu.

7. Fry until the Pak Choi softens.

8. Enjoy the healthy taste and good flavour!