La Cantina Italian Restaurant 金 橡意大利西餐厅

Hidden behind green trees, this restaurant is an exquisite spot to taste the most authentic Italian recipes, meticulously prepared by the skilled hands of Chef Romano. Indulge in the pleasure of their pesto pasta or their creamy tiramisù.

  • 8062-5678
  • 138 Xianggang Dong Lu, 香港东路138号

Milano Italian Restaurant 米兰诺意大利西餐厅

A cosy spot filled with red and white checked tablecloths, Milano represents the homemade side of Italian restaurants in Qingdao. Here Italian Chef Claudio always knows how to surprise you with recipes that taste like home. Inside Villeinn, 2 Donghai Xi Lu 舒适的环境和红白格子的餐布,会让米兰诺给你一种家般的温暖。这里的意大利主厨Claudio会用他特制的家庭配方给你带来一场意式美食之旅。 东海西路2号天林花园21号美墅假期酒店内

  • 8577-0058
  • 30 Minjiang Er Lu, 闽江二路30号
  • 186 6020-3169
  • 167 West Wing Marian City, 88 Aomen Lu, 意大利餐厅 澳门路88号百丽广场西区167号

Trattoria Verde 北绿岛西餐厅

Trattoria Verde produces what is arguably the best authentic Italian food in town. Although a little pricier than other restaurants, the food quality is second to none. They also have an impressive selection of imported wines to choose from.

  • 8589-8530
  • 67 (Jia) Zhangzhou Lu, 漳 州路67号甲