Baker & Spice

Located within the new MixC shopping mall on Shandong Lu, this is a Danish style bakery that offers an impressive choice of bread and pastries, plus healthy salads and fresh juice. 20% discount on select bread after 7pm.

  • 5557-5738
  • LG138 MixC, 10 Shandong Lu, 山东路10号万象城LG138

Best 1998 贝斯特1998

Serving a wide range of Western favourites, the Taiwanese chef at Best 1998 impresses guests with Spanish tapas and amazing late nite bites after 9pm, including some Taiwanese specialties. Best 1998’s extensive drink menu includes many unique cocktails, top shelf liquor, and fine wines and champagnes. Best 1998的台湾主厨精通各 种西式料理,晚9点之后,这里还会供应台湾特 色宵夜。另外,贝斯特1998音乐餐厅供应一系列 精致鸡尾酒及高档洋酒、葡萄酒、香槟等。每晚 乌克兰乐队现场驻唱演出。

  • 5571-6398
  • L1-61 Lion Mall, 195 Xianggang Dong Lu, Laoshan District, 音乐餐厅 崂山区香港东路195号乙金 狮广场L1-61

Café Roland

This café is set in the grounds of what could well be an old manor house. Sit outside in the summer and enjoy a delicious sandwich while watching the beach goers come and go.

  • 8577- 5398
  • 87 (Jia) Zhangzhou Lu, 漳州路87号甲

Déjà Vu

Perhaps the most popular spot on the east side of the city, Deja Vu is the perfect homestyle restaurant to enjoy a variety of delicious choices, such as burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and spaghetti. Their menu also includes a list of coffee, juices, cocktails, wine and draft beer.

  • 188 6626- 8950
  • 10-3 Yunling Lu, near Sophia Hotel, 云岭路10-3

KiWi Café 奇异咖啡厅

Owner, chef and barista Danny Qian has 15 years experience in New Zealand and a strong passion for cooking and pleasing his customers with the best brunches and homemade desserts imported from New Zealand or Australia.

  • 8588-9986; 151 9201-6559
  • 127 Zhangzhou Er Lu, 漳州二路127号

The Canvas 帆布西餐厅

Family-run, family-friendly restaurant serving hearty and delicious American comfort foods and international fusion dishes since 2010. A great place to enjoy a huge selection of fine wines, cafe drinks, and classic cocktails in a comfortable and stylish atmosphere.

  • 8565- 5688
  • 63 B, Zhangzhou Lu, 漳州路63号B 东100米
  • 8577-1222
  • 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (Central Plaza), 贰拾 贰号咖啡厅 漳州二路19号(中环广场)
  • 5557-5738
  • G138 & G175, MixC Mall, 6 Shandong Lu, 山东路6号 华润中心万象城 G138&G175号