Native speaker with strong social ability, who can speak basic Chinese, know how to make cocktail would be preferable. Working time from 9pm till late at Laoshan around Stadium.  Contact 186 6955-9976 for more details.


Teachers wanted for The International Drama
Class 青岛大剧院·国际舞台戏剧课程老师招聘. Every international drama class for children will have a complete teaching frame include warming the body and the brain, racticing the pronunciation, shaping the body and the rhythm, doing ad-libbing and situational dialogue, playing theatre games etc.
Drama teacher wanted:
Can teach in English and ensure the quality of
Loves children, and having an English
Willing to accept new ideas of education and modes
of teaching
Warm and cheerful, lively and generous;
Good image and attitude;
We also welcome excellent graduates who are willing to apply themselves to an educational career.
Please join us. Please send email to or call on 88038052 for more information.


Milano Italian Restaurant is looking for 2 waiters/waitresses for a full time or part time position. Patience and sense of commitment are strongly required. No time-wasters. Contact 8577-0058.                                                                                         米兰诺意大利西餐厅现招聘两名服务生(男女不限),兼职、全职皆可。需要有耐心和责任心。联系方式:8577-0058


Trattoria Verde is recruiting two waiters or waitresses (people who can speak English is preferred) and two chef assistants(male only). All the positions need patience and responsibility sense. Call 8589-8530 for more information.              北绿岛西餐厅现招聘两名服务生(男女不限,懂外语者优先),厨师助理两名(男)。需要有耐心和责任心。联系方式:8589-8530


English foreign teacher needed for private/small training class during daily evening and weekend, Native English speaker required, rich teaching experience is preferred. Salary paid by day or week. Contact Frank via wechat or 18678911895 if you interest.



REDSTAR is looking for design interns! If you can use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. and can speak English, then join the REDSTAR team! Contact email: 红星需要你,假如你能 使用Photoshop, IIIustrator 等软件,并且会用英 语简单交流,加入到红星的队伍吧!请发送邮件到


Gentle Dental clinic is looking for both a receptionist and a dental o ce manager for full time or part time positions. Both Chinese and English languages required. Please contact via email: 13105423623@163. com or wechat: GentleDental. 真予齿科诚聘办公室 经理和接待员,兼职全职皆可,要求中英双语流 利。有意者请联系: 微信: GentleDental


Part-time Chinese teacher wanted: XMandarin CLC is seeking part-time Chinese (native/female) teachers, good command in English/Japanese, Chinese well-educated, available in weekend and work days evening. Contact 152 6623-6986, 青岛新环球汉语培训 学校招聘兼职汉语教师,要求教育程度高,熟练 掌握英语,日语或中文,周末及工作日晚上可以授 课。联系152 6623-6986, tianyan@tianyanedu. com


Course Advisor, to be responsible for Chinese course sales. Female preferred, age 25-34, must be uent English speker, with IELTs 7/ TEM-8 or above, good ability in interpersonal communication and customer maintenance. Good appearance and temperament, Enjoy challenging works. Contact 135 8927-8775, tianyan@