REDSTAR senior editor, Vincent, tends to judge a country by its local street food. Covered by a health insurance that includes potential food poisoning, he sat down to try a Hejian-style donkey meat sandwich.

Located on one of the small streets near the Qingdao Railway station, finding this tiny restaurant was
somewhat of a fluke. On the outside, this inconspicuous eatery fails to stand out between the hodgepodge of shops which can be found in the station area.

Served in a greasy flat bread with some green peppers, the chopped donkey meat does not strike one as appetizing at first glance. However, after a conflicting first bite, the rich meaty flavour expels the doubt cast by the restaurant setting. Salty and meaty, the only thing missing is a spicy kick, which can be easily remedied with the dried chillies that are on the table.

Any initial hesitation was quickly thrown to the wind and two extra sandwiches were ordered. Perhaps not the most refined thing in Chinese cuisine but as far as street food goes it is a recommendation for all who are looking for “exoticism for beginners”. Basic sandwich 8 RMB.

Fuyou Donkey Meat Huoshao
Address 地址: 38 Hubei Rd, ZhongShan Lu
ShangQuan 中山路商圈 湖北路38 号