Calling all foodies in Qingdao! In this very special REDSTAR article, Jordan Eckenrode takes a look at two businesses that only do delivery, so it’s no use trying to hunt down their shop front. We take a look at one place that focuses on Western food and one delivery place that does outstanding Chinese food. 

Chickex Chicken

 In 2013 Miko went to the USA to visit his fiance in New York City. While he was there he tried something that would change his career path: a burrito from a burrito truck. This was his first time trying an American/Mexician burrito. When he came back to Qingdao last year he started Chickex Chicken with three other guys and ever since then they have been making some mean burritos. Chickex Chicken strives to provide American quality burritos and chow down food to Qingdao, and honestly they do a damn fine job of it. The burritos are hefty and contain fresh and zesty salsa, they replicate an American style burrito and one of the very best I have eaten in China. Their buffalo wings are spicy and make me think of how perfect they would be with a cold beer and a NFL game on the televison set. Burritos and Buffalo Wings are around 36RMB. Another great thing about Chickex is they also serve cans of root beer and cream soda that you can get with your meal. The one problem is they can now only delivery to the East side of Shinan district; but don’t fret, they are planning to start delivery in Laoshan district as well. Miko’s dream is to open up a burrito truck (like he had originally seen in NYC) and drive it around the city providing fat tortillas wrapped in bundles of joy for everyone. I personally would like to see o

ne of these trucks when I stumble out of a bar at night.

To place your order call: 153 1888-5001 from 10am to 10pm (Chinese suggested).

Fu Yuan Kitchen

This is a special shout out. Fu Yuan Kitchen is what fuels the REDSTAR staff when we are burning the midnight oil and working late. Fu Yuan only does typical Chinese food at a fair price. It doesn’t stand out as extravagant or a ground breaking game changer to Chinese food, but they always reliably deliver good food. They are the go-to Chinese delivery in Shinan. It is the old faithful of the REDSTAR office.

Some of the dishes they offer are: the three treasures of the earth (di san xian), fried bing and cabbage, aubergine in sweet sauce, braised pork in brown sauce, fried squid, the always delicious eggs and tomato, a bunch of different soups, summer cold dishes, and many more. Most dishes are affordable and tasty and help stimulate the mind to be extra creative. Well, at least we at REDSTAR feel that is true. They have over 30 different dishes with everything from Sichuan cuisine to our salty Shandong food, and all are made with a homemade style of cooking.

To place your order call: 155 8866- 3344 from 9am to 9:30pm (Chinese required).