Although a fair distance from Qingdao centre, Mr Hohos can conceivably boast some of the best burgers in the city, and is well worth the trip. Strips of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” welcome you from between the stairs, and upstairs holds a beautiful, cozy and quiet interior. What you’re really here for, however, is Mr Hoho’s home-made burger, which is famous for it’s enormous size, about four times bigger then a normal burger. Chuckling waiters will help you cut the burger into four pieces, but even then it’s still so big that plastic gloves are provided to help you eat it without burying your hands in sauce. Classic sides of fries and onion rings are on offer, as well as a fried menu of various dishes with a choice of seasoning. The surrounding area is also a nice place where you could easily spend a whole evening (useful, since you might not be able to move for an hour or so after eating your

Address: 102, Building 5, Lucheng World, Jinshui Road,
Licang District (opposite main gate of Xiliadeng Hotel)
地址:李沧区金水路绿城天地5 号楼102 ( 喜来登正门对
面2 层)
Phone: 183 0027-0040, 150 9218-9218