Former restaurant owner turned stay-at-home grandma, Hui Wai Ning, shares some of her favourite home-cooked recipes with you. Easy to make, healthy, and full of love; these recipes will warm the hearts and bellies of every Qingdao family.

Qingdao is famous for its seafood, its cheap, fresh and delicious. One of my personal favorites is a recipe which has been in my family for generations. It’s extremely simple to make and complex in flavour.

Ingredients (for two people):

500 grams clams
1 clove of garlic, chopped
1 table spoon black beans
1 clove of ginger
1/2 glass dry white wine
1 piece of dried Chili 1 pieces (optional)
1 teaspoon sugar
Sugar 1 coffee spoon
1,5 tablespoon cornstarch (dissolved in a small glass of water)
2 spring onions
sunflower oil


1. Wash the clams in cold water until the water is clear. Let the clams rest in a bowl of water for about 30 to make sure all the remaining sand is gone.
2. Rinse the black beans and use a spoon or fork to break them into small pieces, add the sugar and a few drops of oil.
3. Heat up a wok or a large pot with some oil over a medium flame. When the oil is hot, add the ginger, garlic and bean mixture and let simmer. Once the fragrant smell starts to fill your kitchen, add the chili.
4. Put your stove on its highest setting and add the clams and stir for a few minutes until the clams start to open.
5. Add the soy sauce and wine and let it boil until all the clams are opened.
6. Lower the heat and add the cornstarch until the sauce is thickened.
7. Add the chopped spring onions and serve with rice (or alternatively bread).