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Zushan Park – where “grass skiing” might be a thing

      Boredom is not an option when Daniel Daugherty takes us on brisk jaunt up Huangdao’s highest peak, Zushan. Admiration for the many curiousities along the way is, however, optional.   Looking to get out of the house, but don’t feel like going all the way to Laoshan? Or maybe, like me, your six-pack has turned into a mini-keg. Either way, Zhushan Park has you covered. It can be an easy trip up the mountain or a relaxing stroll along paved lanes. And if walking really isn’t your thing, there’s a tram to pick you up and drop you off at various points throughout. Located way out on the ragged, bloody edge of Huangdao’s developed area, you’ll get a tour of the area’s many factories and empty apartment buildings on the way there. For added enjoyment, make bets with your friends on how soon residents will move in. That way, you have a built-in reason to go back to Zhushan a second time. Not that you’ll need the excuse. Zhushan is a perfectly pleasant day trip. It’s just enough to get your heart-rate up a little, with plenty to see and do, and still be home five hours after walking out the door. After you pay the surprisingly steep 45RMB entry fee, you have the choice of waiting for the next tram or just walking on your...

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Spotlight: Shawn Tren’s

Unlike Sichuan dishes, which have been dominating the Chinese food market for a long time, Shandong cuisine remains underrated and left out of the spotlight. AJ Wang, a Qingdao local, also known as the owner of the fabulous hostel YHA Old Observatory and Sunset Cafe, is attempting to change this. Shawn Tren’s is a newly opened restaurant in the old town near the railway station. The art-deco approach to the cosy décor, creates a soothing aura and allows guests to feel relaxed as they enjoy the simple Shandong dishes. Strongly recommended is the dry-braised Lumpfish, so tender it melts...

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Spotlight: MINGJIA

Qingdao prides itself on its beer and seafood, domestically and abroad. However, finding a decent place to try the most authentic local food is a challenge. To begin with, the street food tastes good but the hygiene is very poor. Furthermore, a 5-star hotel provides extremely nice food, but it is too expensive for the average person. You are probably thinking, there must be an alternative that caters or all. There is. It’s Mingjia ( 铭家). As one of the most famous and successful catering services in Qingdao, Mingjia has been serving and satisfying customers for many years. It...

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Cantonese style stir fried clams

Former restaurant owner turned stay-at-home grandma, Hui Wai Ning, shares some of her favourite home-cooked recipes with you. Easy to make, healthy, and full of love; these recipes will warm the hearts and bellies of every Qingdao family. Qingdao is famous for its seafood, its cheap, fresh and delicious. One of my personal favorites is a recipe which has been in my family for generations. It’s extremely simple to make and complex in flavour. Ingredients (for two people): 500 grams clams 1 clove of garlic, chopped 1 table spoon black beans 1 clove of ginger 1/2 glass dry white wine 1 piece...

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Baking with Cecilia

Ciao! I’m Cecilia, an Italian girl who has been living in Qingdao for the past 4 years. About two years ago I started making my passion for baking into a business. Through this column I will take you to discover simple dessert recipes from around the world. Italian Lemon Cookies (also called Anginetti) These zesty lemon cookies are soft, pillowy, and not too sweet. Not much is known about their origins, besides the fact that they originated in Naples, in the South of Italy. Cuisine: Italian Prep Time: 20 mins Bake Time: 8-10 mins Total Time: 30-35 mins Servings:...

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