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REDSTAR Great Summer Pub Crawl

Saturday, 10 June the REDSTAR Pub Crawl happened and while some of us preferred to skip the morning after, we all had a wonderful night with our friends – and even made some new ones! Want to see what everyone looks like when we had a drink too many? Check it out below! Give us a feedback by scanning the code below and filling the...

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Jiang Yu and Ellie Bouttell check out some of Qingdao’s best lunch and brunch spots As the weather warms, blossoms bloom and everyone starts to relax a little, REDSTAR thought it was high time we honored the tradition of taking your time over a breakfast lunch. Below are some little tips for must-eat lunches in Qingdao.   The Brunch Club The Brunch Club is the out and out winner here for the quality of the all-day brunch they offer, as well as the environment that you can eat it in. Situated just by Guoxin Stadium’s south gate, the interior is warmly decorated and stocked with a mouthwatering menu, including smoked salmon, pancakes with real, gooey maple syrup (delicious!!), waffles, burgers and salads, as well as Bloody Marys and Mimosas for those in need of some hair of the dog. Most importantly, floor to ceiling windows mean that the entire place is full of sunlight all day long. Mix this with great service, and The Brunch Club cements itself as a Qingdao gem and a great place to chill out. Address: Inside Guoxin Stadium South Gate 国信体育场南门内 Phone: 8889-5517   PuGan Ocean View Coffee A more hidden place for a relaxed lunch and coffee is PuGan. Situated high up, with windows that peek over other buildings to the sea, this PuGan is full of homely, stripey chairs, plants, and wooden...

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What’s one thing you want to say but have never said to your mother?”

Uzair 22, Pakistan When I was a kid, my mom used to ask me “When you grow up and have decent money, will you buy me some jewelry? Will you take me to Switzerland and other beautiful countries?” Yes Mom, of course Mom, that’s what I used to say every time! I’m sure she thinks they were just a child’s words, and maybe she’s forgotten about it, but I never told her that I haven’t, and actually my life is dedicated to fulfilling those promises. When times are hard, I always think about those promises and her reaction when...

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It’s not often that the City of Beer gets excited about a new beer place opening, but there’s definitely something different in the air with the opening of Qingdao’s newest bar. T’9 (young-people shorthand for ‘tonight’, perhaps..?) is Qingdao’s first “beer supermarket”. It just had its debut in the middle of April, and has already struck a chord with bargoers all over the city with its winningly simple setup. T’9 flaunts a fabulously fangbian way of selling drinks: the same way you’d buy them at 7-11. Simply come in, choose your drink from over 100 varieties of imported and...

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Beginners’ Oil Painting Workshops at The Art Museum of The Qingdao Oil Painting Institute

The Qingdao Oil Painting Institute, located in Huang Pu Jiang Lu in Huangdao district, was founded in 1981 and is the earliest professional oil painting institution in China. Since its establishment, it’s been place for gatherings, exhibitions and conferences for Qingdao and the surrounding area’s artistic community, holding professional exhibitions and organising events such as painting from nature and seminars about arts. Since autumn 2016, it has also hosted weekend painting workshops for art lovers, aiming to provide a dynamic and enjoyable environment for attendees to experience traditional ink painting, calligraphy and oil painting. Most attendees are able to...

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