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Peking Opera Unmasked!

While watching drama and musicals is becoming more and more fashionable in China, Peking Opera is still seen as a pastime for the elderly. At over 200 years old, Peking Opera may indeed be like an elderly person who loves to espouse their wisdom. The theme of thousands of Peking Opera repertoires can be summed up in one line: encouraging good behaviour. However, Peking Opera’s age doesn’t mean that it is outdated. Peking Opera is actually on the cutting-edge of theatre and had a profound impact on western drama 70 years ago. Suki Li explains. Peking Opera is neither...

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Palawan: A Week in Paradise

Having never considered the Philippines as a must-see travel destination before, Doranne Fernandes was surprised during her travels around Asia by how many backpackers referred to it as their favourite bucket-list destination in Southeast Asia. What she finally discovered for herself is that the Philippines is a gorgeous and underrated travel destination. Travellers and holiday makers often overlook the Philippines for more touristy and crowded destinations such as Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, but with a mishmash of culture, diversity and history, the Philippines is an archipelago like no other. Known as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, this country truly...

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As summer draws to a close, what better way to celebrate the changing seasons with all your friends than at MIXC’s Autumn Festival! This September, clear your weekend schedule and get down to MIXC for their autumn bonanza, featuring food, fun and music from all over the world. Eat, explore and enjoy! With over 40 food stalls, each offering fresh and interesting dishes and nibbles from countries worldwide, this gastronomic jamboree is the perfect place to try new and creative specialist cuisine, along with munching on treats from your favourite brands. Stroll around and let your taste buds guide you,...

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Body piercings tend to get mixed reviews in China. While body piercing dates back more than 5,000 years and is quite popular in the West, traditional Buddhist and Confucian teachings promote respect for the body and often classify body modification as a form of punishment. However, due to recent celebrity endorsement and rising popularity on Chinese social media, body piercing is emerging as a new trend amongst Chinese youth. Mr. Yan’s piercing studio is right in the centre of the Taidong district, and can be recognised by the ‘纹身’ sign outside advertising tattoos. Despite the rather daunting entrance up a shadowy...

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